Our Teams   

Our Teams

  Mr.Chanchai Prasertsuk
President Theme Corp Group

Date of Birth :

Contact Address :


January 11, 1959

19/21 Soi Lardphrao 15, Jomphol,Jatujak, Bangkok 10900
Tel.: 02-938-4450, 081-443-3559
Fax.: 02-513-8267



Guest Speaker on various topics include
Advertising :

  • How to make "Advertising Campaign that Works"
  • How to Differentiate "Promotion"
  • Visual Talk Ad

Branding :

  • Brand Building
  • Corporate Identity
  • Re-Branding

Communication :

  • Total Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • Direct Marketing
  • IMC for SMEs

Marketing :

  • New Product Development
  • Differentiate Product/Services

Social Aetivities

  1. Associations
    - The Advertising Association of Thailand
    - Tact Award (Thailand Advertising Contest)
  2. University
    - MBA Chulalongkorn University
    - Kasetsart University
    - Krik University
    - Sukhothai Thammathirat
    - Thammasart University
  3. Private Sector
    - International Engineering Public Company Limited
    - Thailand Software Association
    - SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited
    - The Manage Media Group
    - Win Win Net Corporation
    - Picnic Corporation Public Company Limited
    - Nautilus Food Thailand
    - Samart Corporation Company Limited
    - World Gas Thailand Company Limited
    - Groundfos Thailand Company Limited
    - Siam Cement Public Company Limited
    - Econo Thailand Company Limited
    - Four Pattana company Limited
    - Etc.
  4. Government Organizations
    - Department of Expert Promotion (DEP)
    - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
    - Department of Industrials Works, Ministry of Industry

1998 – 2008 Committee Vote Tact Award (Thailand advertising Contest)
2002 – 2006 Committee Board-Consideration TVC Spot on airs
1999 – 2001 Executive Board The Advertising Association of Thailand
2000 – 2001 Committee of The Thai Chamber of Commerce
2000 Committee Board Thais Advertising Agency Association


  • Thai International PLC "Towards Asian Leadership Project"
  • TG Without Travel passenger during SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)


  • Mitsubishi Motors Thailand
       - Standard Service Campaign
       - Create Promotion Campaign
  • Hyundai Motors Thailand
       - Build Brand Image to Generate Sale
  • Sangyong
       - Launch in Thailand- Authorized Dealers

Agricultural Product

  • Red Dog Grass Killer: Create Brand Awareness/Brand Preferance among Target Group


  • Develop Product Ad for SMEs
  • SME Bank- Brand Building
  • Government Housing Bank- Corporate Campaign


  • Brand Building: Apasra's as a World Class Beauty Institute
  • Pan Cosmetic - Communication Strategic Direction

Credit Cards

  • AIG Manchester United Credit Card - Brand Positioning and Communication Strategy
  • AIG Cash Card : Manchester United Cash Card - Launching Campaign
  • City Bank Visa - Launching City Bank Visa Campaign

Consumer Product

  • Launching J-Food (Canned Food): to create demand not only consumer during season but also could consume the whole year
  • Brand Building: Sea Crown Mackerel in Sauce Canned Food
  • Nautilus, Tuna Canned food - Maintain/Re-enforce as a brand Leader in the Market
  • Poppy Smell Killer - Brand Re-Positioning
  • IQF Seafood (Surapon Seafood) - Brand Building: Create Brand Name & IMC
  • Aron Alpha Super Glue - Brand Building & IMC
  • Taro, Fish Snack - to Increase Sale Volume/Create Demand
  • All Product Lines of Thai Dairy Industry Co. Ltd., i.e., Mali Sweet
  • Condensed Milk, Orchid Sterilize, Orchid Butter
  • Etc.

Corporate Image

  • Grand Opening New Factory Siam Cement@Luampang: Green Factory New Life for Luampang
  • Nationalism Project Lead by Thai International PLC
  • APEC 2003 "Welcome All Delicates to Thailand"
  • Social Responsibility Campaign "หาดสวย น้ำใส ทะเลไทย ถวายพระเจ้าอยู่หัว"


  • Cinema Ad Award Project: Solve Problem Cinema Ad Regression
  • Movie Walk: Create Demand Area Around EGV Gold Class Cinema

Home Appliance

  • Electrolux Direct Sale: Solve Problem House's Owner not Welcome Electrolux sale

Industrial Products

  • Groundfos Water: How to Penetrate Industrial Market in Thailand
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery: Re-Launch Campaign
  • CPAC Siam cement PLC: Build Confidence/Perception CPAC as The Best Quality
  • Daewoo - Doosan Single Brand: Announce through Thailand Construction Industrial
  • Diethelm: Solve Problem How To Sale Heavy Machine in 1997 Construction Industry Crisis


  • Samart Corporation: Launching Samart DSTV
  • IEC: Mobile Phone Digital 1800 Launch Campaign in Thailand
  • IEC Public Company Limited: Promotion Campaign to Gain New Customer
  • I-Mart: Launching IT Superstore at Pantip Plaza
  • Telecom Asia: Launching ISDN

Personal Care

  • AIM Toothbrush: New Product Development/ Launching
  • Disney's Babies: New Product Launch in Thailand
  • Naraya: Brand Building & IMC


  • Zurich Pharmaceutical: Launch Nauvanta in Thailand
  • Jong Hua Tua Pao, Pearl Liquid Drink: Create Brand Awareness and IMC
  • Osothspa Medical Products i.e. Tum Jai


  • Phoo Jad Karn Newspaper: Re-Inforce Brand Positioning
  • Phoo Jad Karn: Increase Sale Volume and New Member to Subscribe to be Member
  • Phoo Jad Karn: Create Corporate Image Campaign to Motivate Business not Discourage 1997
    Thailand Economic Regression

Real Estate

  • Naria Property
    - The Parkland Radchada-Thapra
    - The Parkland Taksin-Thapra
    - The Parkland Bangna
    - The Riverine
  • Seree Village
  • Ever Green
  • Sipalia Park
  • Ying Ruay Group
  • Bahn Chang Public Company Limited
    - Bahn Chang 2000 Rayong
    - Century Park
  • Etc.


  • Tuff-Kote Dinol: Rust-Proof/Car Care Products - Gain New Target Market/ Customer to Trail World Class Products
  • Miss Lilly: Brand Building & IMC
  • Amano, Car Parking Management Systems: How to Penetrate/ Create Demand to the Owner of Office Building
  • Merry King Department Store: Create Promotion Campaign to Increase Sale Volume
  • Etc.